PEKAT VISION and OEM Automatic AB established a partnership in 2019. We set down to talk with Sales Manager of OEM Johan Kastensson to understand what drove this decision and how it’s going to impact the machine vision market.

What is your strategy for accepting new suppliers?

The goal for OEM is to add value to our customers. This means we need to offer the top of the line hardware and software, to provide the best solutions for our customers, to be their trusted consultants. We need to have the right tools to assist with a very diverse range of sophisticated customer projects.

Your company decided to add PEKAT VISION software to its portfolio. Why did you choose PEKAT VISION? What led you to this decision?

As we were doing market research for top tear machine vision software we found some information about PEKAT vision on the web. Coincidentally, we heard positive feedback about PEKAT from our partners in the field around the same time. So we decided to reach out directly to check out the software; and possibly do a proof of concept. We saw the company had a positive profile and the people behind it were quite capable. When all testing was completed successfully, the decision was made that this is something we should provide to our customers in Scandinavia.

What interested you the most about PEKAT VISION, what do you think will help your customers the most?

One of the key features which I find the most interesting, is the ability to run a proof of concept very quickly. This means that we can show a customer if a project is feasible or not even at early inception stages. Very different than what has been done in the past with the traditional approach.

Our staff at OEM is very knowledgeable on cameras and images. We are able to leverage our years of expertise in the industry to help customers get the best images in order to get optimal performance out of the PEKAT VISION software.

Since the software is capable of running in Windows environment, it is really simple to deploy it in a familiar environment. We also enjoy the flexibility of the software to add additional features and logic using our own code.

What do you see as the biggest challenge for companies starting with PEKAT VISION and what is your advice for them, how to deal with it?

The main obstacle is dealing with something new. Not everyone is familiar with this type of technology. It takes time, and sometimes more than the customers initially expect. However, OEM is here to help the customers as the first line of assistance. We know the software and can guide them through it. In case there is a more complicated task - we have great support from PEKAT VISION. Everything starts with a proof of concept. PoC is our assurance that the solution will work for their project for both testing and future deployments.

Last but not least, what is your opinion on the increasing demand for deep learning solutions on the current market?

I think deep learning is taking over the industrial world. With volumes needed to cover global demands, now more than ever, companies need to be cost-effective and find ways to save money within production processes. Software like this can help customers to develop sustainable and scalable solutions for the future. Just watch. It’s not hype, it’s a revolution.

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