Context is a so-called variable application that passes through each active module during image processing. In the Code module, it is possible to work with the context. In context, user can add custom attributes or modify the available ones. It is important not to change their structure when modifying.

Image [Numpy Array]

Image in numpy array.

Heatmaps [Array of Numpy Array]

A field containing numpy images that represent heatmaps.

DetectedRectangles [Array]

A field containing the detected objects. The last detected objects have the attribute ‘detectedAsLast=True’.

Production_Mode [Boolean]

If an image received through the HTTP API is processed, the parameter becomes True, otherwise False.

Exit [Boolean]

Early termination, for details see the Code. It is not returned in response to an HTTP request, nor does it appear in the inspection.


Internal argument. Appears during processing, but does not respond to the HTTP request, nor does it appear in the inspection.

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