Image processing works on the principle of sending the image via HTTP request. Only one image can be sent per request.


You need to have ‘Process’ enabled in the left panel to process the image.


The sending address consists of IP address, port, and type. The method must be of ‘POST’ type, and the content of ‘application/octet-stream’ type. See a demonstration of working with API in the Python language on our github.

IP Address

If the project runs on a local computer, the address is If a remote computer is accessed, then you need to use the IP address of the remote computer.


This is selected when starting the project.


If the project is running with the api key, each request in the parameter query must contain API key.



Used for sending the image as raw data. For example, the numpy array in Python is converted to binary format. You need to send the image dimensions in a query parameter.

Example of a 1920x1024 image


If you are sending Bayer RG 8 data, it is necessary to add an argument bayer.


For sending an image in ‘jpg’ or ‘png’ formats.



Example with API key



Query parameter ‘response_type’ determines the response type.

‘context’[default] – a serialized context in JSON format

‘image’ – processed image

‘annotated_image’ – processed image with annotations

‘heatmap’ - response is png image of heatmap

For image and annotated_image types, the serialized context is added to the header with the header title: context.

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