Image Manager

The ‘Images’ tab is used for managing images that are used for training. It enables you to add and delete images and edit their names.

Moving the cursor to the image thumbnail will display a button for editing the name, deletion or opening a slideshow.

To quickly delete a number of images, you can click on them to select them or select a sequence of images at once using the ‘Shift’ key and then click the ‘DELETE SELECTED’ button.

The number in the button indicates the number of images selected. You can also use the ‘SELECT ALL’ button to select all images.

Uploading images

Images can be uploaded using the ‘Add images’ button or by dragging them into the window. Supported formats are ‘png’ and ‘jpg’. Before adding them, you can pre-process the images, which allows you to reduce their size or add a prefix before their names in bulk.

Local Image

Another option is to capture incoming images from the camera.

List of images in the module

In modules, the list of images is used for training or validation. The list can be sorted or filtered according to the available module options. You can configure filtering and sorting by clicking on the filter icon at the top right corner. If the filter is enabled, the icon is red.

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