By default, each module type is inactive and a model must be selected to activate it. The model is selected by ticking in the list; if ‘None’ is selected, the module is inactive. Modules of the same type share the created models. It is possible to use the same model in multiple modules.

Deep Learning Modules

For modules Detector, Classifier, Anomaly of Surface, and Surface Detector, models are created by training. Information on training process and conditions used for a particular model are available by clicking on the info icon in the list of models.


See the training section for more information.


To validate a model, you need to select it in the list of models and click the ‘Preview’ button. Validation serves to check how the model works. Some modules offer configuration as part of the validation as well.

Mask and Code

For the Mask and Code modules, models are created by adding a new item in the list of the module type.

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