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    Machine Vision Inspection for paving blocks production
    February 15th 2021PEKAT VISION has recently performed a feasibility study regarding inspection of defects in the production of paving blocks.
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    Case study: biscuits and puffed rice bread
    December 16th 2020We perform feasibility studies for our customers on daily basis. We use them to demonstrate the capabilities of the PEKAT VISION software. On two examples of such studies we want to show you where and how exactly can PEKAT VISION's focused learning algorithm be applied.
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    TIETECH - new distributor in Japan
    June 22nd 2020Interview with Mr. Hirokazu TERADAIRA
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    PEKAT VISION Brake Discs Inspection at Accenture with Deep Learning
    May 5th 2020PEKAT VISION automated inspection process of brake discs production in Accenture Garching IIoT Innovation Center. Using high-end anomaly detection module we were able to automate the process of brake discs inspection.
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    Fighting crisis with machine vision
    April 20th 2020Detecting hair in jelly using Pekat Vision's Detector module trained with annotated images Czech firm Pekat Vision writes about quality control projects it has solved in pharmaceutical and food inspection, both key markets that need to be kept running during the Covid-19 pandemic
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    January 8th 2020PEKAT VISION and OEM Automatic AB established a partnership in 2019. We set down to talk with Sales Manager of OEM Johan Kastensson to understand what drove this decision and how it’s going to impact the machine vision market.