User Interface
In a few clicks, you can set up your own deep learning application without any need for programming skills.
The software offers predefined output rules to speed up the integration process.
Finds previously
unseen defects
It is able to find defects that it hasn’t seen before and you can train it on images of defect-free objects or materials.
Runs on
Embedded Devices
You can run the software on embedded devices such as Nvidia Jetson Xavier AGX and NX.

AI in Quality Inspection


“The Czech company PEKAT VISION has shocked the market with its unique AI software.”

Johan Kastensson,
OEM Automatic

“PEKAT VISION is a perfect tool for visual inspection and technologically there is no doubt about the quality of the software.”

Head of Product Management, Leading Camera Manufacturer from Germany

“PEKAT VISION Starts there where our technology ends.”

Application engineer, Leading Czech Vision System Integrator

“I used PEKAT VISION for several applications (e.g. finding defects on pharmaceutical packaging or automotive parts, verifying the integrity of crackers before their packaging) and I have always been amazed by the simplicity with which PEKAT VISION solves the problems and yet reliable results.”

Machine Vision Consulting S.R.L.

“PEKAT VISION is the future of machine vision. Where others end, PEKAT VISION begins.”

CAD-CAM Solutions s.r.o.

“It has been a privilege for us to partner with the team from Pekat. Pekat Vision has helped many of our customers to kickstart their AI journey. With their knowledge and support, they are always there with a quick response for all of our needs. We look forward to growing this partnership in the future.”


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