PEKAT VISION© Smart Camera is universal. It can be used with all kinds of materials such as wood, stone, metal, lacquer, castings, leather, rubber or fabrics.

  • PEKAT VISION can work either in so called unsupervised mode. It is then able to find defects which it didn't see before. It is even enough to train it on images of defect-free objects or material.
  • Or it can work in a supervised mode - it can be trained to search for a specific defect or surface problem - e.g. scratches, rust, leaks, holes etc.
  • It does not matter that each product or material is slightly different and it does not matter whether it is difficult or even impossible to describe what is a defect. PEKAT VISION is able to find it anyway.
  • It is an all in one solution. No additional hardware required.

It is a new kind of visual inspection.

PEKAT VISION© is able to check products or input raw materials which have an unstable look or shape.

It uses its own proprietary focused-learning algorithm which goes beyond deep-learning.

Focused-learning works like a human eye. It is able to focus on detail and needs only a few images for learning and understanding the task.

Even from the few images it is able to recognize when an object or material is defect-free and when it is defective.

It can find anomalies, detect and classify defects and check surface on materials and objects where current vision systems fail.