Software Bundled with Camera


PEKAT VISION© is software for industrial visual inspection and quality assurance. Together with a smart camera it is a perfect solution for those who would like a ready-to-use AI solution running inside a camera.

For all the companies that would like to enjoy all possibilities that our software brings and cannot work with computers, there is an option to obtain our software bundled with a camera. It is an alternative to computers – all the advantages of PEKAT VISION in one small device.

Smart Camera Solution

PEKAT VISION and ADLINK Smart Camera offer a compact solution for defect detection. The only thing you need to improve the quality control of your products is a small camera which is perfectly able to run our software.

AI Industrial Smart Camera
Integrated Jetson TX2 Xavier
IP-67 Certified
USB Type C for video, power and connectivity

PEKAT VISION Smart camera in cooperation with ADLink

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