AI visual inspection has become increasingly popular in the electronics industry, particularly in the field of quality control. The ability of AI to detect defects with a high degree of accuracy and speed has made it an attractive solution for manufacturers looking to improve their product quality and reduce the cost of manual inspection.

PEKAT VISION offers deep-learning based visual inspection of electronic components and printed circuit boards (PCBs) to identify defects such as missing components, misaligned parts, soldering defects, and other types of manufacturing errors. The benefits of using PEKAT VISION include increased accuracy, speed, reduced cost, and improved consistency. Another advantage is its ability to detect defects that are difficult or impossible to identify using human inspection. It is easy to use, set up, and maintain. Take a look at some of our use cases below or ask for a free demo to see the benefits of our software for yourself.

PCB – Components Presence/ Absence

Detector and Classifier modules are ideal for verifying the presence and the state – OK/ NOK – of individual components on PCB boards. Over fifty individual components are inspected in the image above

Pin Connector – Assembly Verification

Proper engagement of the female and male connectors on the PCB component is verified in the images above. Since the PCB components were in a static position in the images, the Classifier module was sufficient

Wafer Classification

The Object Detector and Classifier are two PEKAT VISION modules that are frequently also used for wafer classification

Wafer Internal Defect Inspection

Internal defects are identified on a wafer using PEKAT VISION Object Detector and Classifier modules in the image above

OCR and Safety Features Verification

The Detector and OCR modules are used together in the image above to verify that all safety features of the socket adapter, including all required labeling and protective plastic covers, are in place

Component Presence/ Absence Inspection

A simple example of component presence inspection. All components, including the brass contact, spring, minus and plus contacts are identified and confirmed

Battery Surface Inspection

PEKAT VISION Surface Detector module detects and classifies multiple classes of defects that may occur during the production process of EV or other batteries, including scratches, dents, glue residues etc.

Braided Cable – Anomaly Inspection

The integrity of the braided shielding is inspected using the Anomaly Detector module. Defects are easily identified and highlighted with a heat map. The module is trained only on defect free images


Ease of Use & Compatibility
PEKAT VISION offers an intuitive and user friendly software environment. No programming knowledge is required as it already contains all the necessary modules for industrial visual inspection. It is compatible with many hardware brands, Windows® and Linux® operating systems and runs on embedded devices.
Fast Integration
Predefined output rules significantly speed up the integration process. Furthermore, we work closely with a number of partners throughout the globe that can help you with hardware selection based on your specific business requirements, and with smooth integration within your company-wide system.
Comprehensive Support
In order to find the best possible solution, we always strive to understand our customers’ specific needs first. Our goal is to make sure that our solution works for the customer. We offer a free feasibility study, free 30-day trial, support during and after the trial and implementation, and a comprehensive training.

And more! Ask for a free feasibility study for your specific case. Our software is highly versatile and can be customized to suit nearly any intended application.

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