Leverage the power of PEKAT VISION’s deep-learning algorithms, the advantages of rule-based IMPACT software, and the incredible processing power of the MX-G2000 Vision Processor for unparalleled industrial defect detection and quality assurance.

Its easy to use, powerful, AI-based industrial inspection software PEKAT VISION offers a comprehensive set of deep-learning tools for identification of anomalies, surface inspection, object or defect detection, classification, and text reading and verification. No programming is required for the vast majority of applications.

The IMPACT Suite expands its capabilities even further by providing dozens of image pre-processing tools, color analysis, object location, and precise measurement tools, and a 1D/2D code reader, among other.

Robust Quality Control at the Edge with High ROI

Up to 4 independent PoE GigE cameras connected simultaneously are supported. Easily connect any of the Datasensing area scan cameras with up to 20 MP resolution, color or monochrome, or line scan cameras ideal for defect detection in web inspections. Training and inference run directly on the embedded GPU. There is no need for additional PC, server, or cloud computing, reducing the overall hardware cost, burden on the network bandwidth, and the risk of unauthorized access.

Deep-learning & Rule-based Methods
Merging deep-learning and rule-based algorithms offers solutions for more applications
Superior Processing Power
Maximum inspection speed with NVIDIA® RTX™ A4000 GPU & 12th generation INTEL® i5 CPU
Processing at the Edge
No need for additional PC, server, or cloud computing. Inference and training run at the edge
Support for up-to 4 independent GigE cameras on one vision processor

The Fusion of Deep-learning and Rule-based Methods

At the heart of our Vision Processor lies a dynamic synergy between deep-learning and rule-based methods, providing a comprehensive solution for industrial automation.

Traditional rule-based methods excel in image pre-processing, precise measurement, 1D/2D code reading, color analysis, and more. Meanwhile, our cutting-edge deep-learning software easily identifies random, unpredictable defects, detects and classifies objects, inspect surfaces, or reads and verifies text on a variety of diverse materials.

These two approaches, though distinct, work harmoniously within our vision processor, addressing the diverse needs of industrial automation.


Example of combining both methods in one inspection

Solution for Multiple Industries with Seamless Integration

The MX-G2000 Vision Processor ensure simple deployment in diverse production lines. It’s superior processing power, sufficient for the most demanding tasks, and the pre-installed PEKAT VISION Suite guarantee reliable visual inspections and quality assurances for diverse applications across multiple industries. It’s been specifically designed for the harsh industrial environment.

 The Latest Computing Technology

Designed with the requirements of future manufacturing environments in mind, the MX-G2000 Vision Processor integrates NVIDIA® RTX A4000 graphics and 12th generation Intel® i5 processor to deliver the best computing power even for the most demanding industrial applications. From training your models in a matter of seconds to searching for defects in large, high-resolution images, or creating complex applications with hundreds of different tools, you will appreciate the agility of the Vision Processor.

ProcessorIntel Core i5-12500TE (Alder Lake) 1.9~4.3 GHz 6-core 35W
Memory (RAM)32 GB SO-DIMM DDR4 2666
Primary Storage512 GB M.2 NVMe SSD
Graphic CardNvidia RTX A4000 GPU -16GB (incl. Aux PCIe Power Board & Cables)

Extensive Communication and Integration Capabilities

The MX-G2000 Vision Processor delivers a flexible and versatile solution for many industrial applications. Its selection of legacy and new ports will ensure compatibility with the vast majority of equipment used in industrial automation.

Example of MX-G2000 wiring


Main MX-G2000 I/O ports

Frequently Asked Questions

Is camera included with the Vision Processor?

No. It has to be purchased separately, but Datasensing offers a huge selection of color and monochrome cameras, including area scan cameras with up to 20 MP resolution and line scan cameras ideal for web inspections. Of course, plenty of accessories such as lenses and filters are also available.

Is the software included?

Based on your specific needs, you can select from a number of licensing options, starting with a PEKAT VISION software licence supporting one camera up to a full licence supporting four cameras and the IMPACT Suite. Contact our sales team to get a quote.

Can I use the Vision Processor as a standalone PC without internet connection on the factory floor?

Absolutely. One of the many advantages of the Vision Processor is that you don’t need an internet connection either for training or to run inferences. Everything can be done on the Vision Processor itself.

Is the IMPACT software license included with the purchase of the MX-G2000 Vision Processor?

The IMPACT license is optional and may be included. Please contact our sales representatives for all available options or a quote.

What type of PEKAT VISION license is included? Do I need to renew it annually?

No, you do not need to renew the license. With the purchase, you will receive a lifetime license of PEKAT VISION. Depending on your choice, you will be able to run PEKAT VISION training and processing on 1 to 4 cameras.

Is the license limited to the MX-G2000 Vision Processor?

Yes, all licenses are limited to the device. If you would like to purchase a license not tied to any specific device, please contact our sales team.

Can I run the IMPACT and PEKAT VISION software simultaneously within one inspection?

Yes, if you have purchased the Vision Processor with both software, you can run them simultaneously within a single inspection. Upon starting the MX-G2000 Vision Processor, you will be presented with the option to launch either the PEKAT VISION software alone or both the IMPACT and PEKAT VISION software together. When using the combined software, PEKAT VISION operates within the IMPACT environment. This integration enables a seamless workflow, allowing you to execute tasks such as image preprocessing and measurements in IMPACT, followed by anomaly inspection in PEKAT VISION, all within a fraction of a second. The anomaly inspection results are then displayed together with IMPACT’s results within the same interface. The overall result can be transmitted to other devices using various industrial protocols such as Ethernet/IP, Modbus, and OPC.

Can I follow the inspection results on screen?

Yes. If you run PEKAT VISION only, you can follow the inspection in real-time within the standard software environment or in a limited operator view, designed for use on the factory floor. Similarly, if you use the IMPACT software, you have two options: you can use the standard IMPACT view or easily create your own operator HMI (human-machine interface) that can display both – outputs from PEKAT VISION and IMPACT.

Can the MX-G2000 Vision Processor handle multiple cameras simultaneously?

Yes, it can handle up to 4 independent PoE GigE cameras connected simultaneously.

Is the MX-G2000 Vision Processor suitable for industrial environments?

Absolutely. It is a rugged computer specifically designed for harsh industrial environments.

How easy is it to integrate the MX-G2000 Vision Processor into existing production lines?

The MX-G2000 Vision Processor is designed to seamlessly integrate into existing production lines. Both applications, PEKAT VISION and IMPACT, facilitate straightforward integration, often without the need for programming. Additionally, the MX-G2000 Vision Processor offers a selection of new and legacy ports, ensuring maximum compatibility with a wide range of industrial systems and equipment.

What operating systems run on the MX-G2000 Vision Processor?

The MX-G2000 Vision Processor runs on Windows 10 IoT Enterprise 2021 LTSC.

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