Sales Manager for USA WANTED

Do you have experience in selling software? Do you know how to plan your sales activities properly? Do you understand your clients' needs and know how to fulfill them with true promises? Are you a native speaker? Then we're looking for you .

PEKAT VISION is a technology leader in quality control using artificial intelligence. We have developed a unique software that uses image recognition to search for defects and anomalies in products in the factory. We are looking for a Sales Manager to join our young and dynamic team to develop PEKAT VISION's activities in the USA.

Core responsibilities
  • You will communicate with potential and existing clients in a pleasant and presentable manner
  • You will be familiar with industrial automation or quality control
  • You will learn to know the market in the field of industrial automation and visual inspection
  • You will be flexible, reliable, responsible and willing to travel
  • Activist: you'll be looking for business opportunities on your own or on referrals
  • Technologist. You'll discuss technical solutions and customer offers with clients
  • Planner. You'll be able to plan things so that there's a steady flow of business
  • Finisher. You will follow the business plans you set with us
  • Watchdog. You will ensure that the orders you bring in are implemented
We offer
  • A stable team of easy-going people who trust each other
  • Adequate salary is a matter of course
  • Management that will always listen to you and appreciate your ideas
  • Continuous training, conferences and workshops
  • Flexible working hours or home office
  • Building a new brand and promoting an innovative technology product globally
  • Opportunity to create a new portfolio of potential customers and suppliers in various fields of industrial automation
  • Address: Botanická 554/68a, Brno – Ponava
  • Required education: university degree
  • Required languages: English native speaker
  • Benefits: Flexible start/end of working hours, Holidays 5 weeks, Work from home
  • Employment form: Full-time contract
  • Start date: ASAP

Petr Šmíd

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