Smart Camera with PEKAT VISION deep-learning software

Baumer® VAX-50 Smart Camera with PEKAT VISION® software offers a compact and easily deployable solution for reliable, deep-learning based defect detection and industrial quality assurance.

The integrated NVIDIA® Jetson™ technology enables image processing at high frame rates and allows training directly on the camera.

PEKAT VISION software ensures easy inspection setup, while for high-demanding applications, functionality can be customized with a programming script.

Innovative Quality Control at the Edge

Both inference and training can be performed directly on the camera, eliminating the requirement for high-performance PCs, servers, or cloud computing resources, reducing the overall hardware cost and burden on the network bandwidth. Additionally it minimizes the risk of unauthorized access and maintenance cost. The VAX Smart Camera provides a simple deployment process and is easily scalable, making it ideal for deployment in different locations or production lines.

AI Deep-learning
Easy to use, powerful AI-based PEKAT VISION software runs on startup
Superior Processing
High-performance image processing with NVIDIA® Jetson™ graphics
On-camera Training
One device for image capture, processing, and training
Fast Integration
Fast deployment, easy configuration & flexible data exchange

Smart Camera Technical Highlights

The VAX-50 Smart Camera’s powerful graphics card, ample memory, and hi-end Sony® image sensor ensure precision and high-speed image processing, handling even complex visual inspection tasks seamlessly. The Smart Camera is housed in a rigid aluminum body and offers optional IP 67 protection, ensuring reliability and durability in harsh industrial environment.

Baumer Smart Camera with PEKAT VISION deep-learning software

Technical Details
GPUNVIDIA® Jetson™ Xavier NX
CPU6-core Carmel ARM
Memory RAM16 GB
Storage256 GB
Sensor Information
SensorSony IMX250 Gen2
Sensor type2/3″ CMOS
Shutter typeGlobal shutter
Resolution2448 x 2048 px
Maximal FPS77 fps
Ethernet connectionGigE X-coded
Supply voltage12 – 24 V DC, ± 20 %
Power Consumptionapprox. 25 W @ 73 fps
Weight640 g

Solution for Many Industrial Applications

The VAX Smart Camera comes with PEKAT VISION software preinstalled, offering a comprehensive set of deep-learning tools, including Anomaly Detection, Surface Detection, Detector, Classifier, and OCR modules. It provides a highly innovative and reliable solution for automated visual inspection and quality assurance for many applications across multiple industries.


The VAX-50 camera can be trained directly by connecting through a web-based user interface or on a separate computer with Nvidia graphics card. Camera offers multiple methods to output inspection results, such as communication with Siemens S7 PLC, Digital I/O, TCP/IP, SDK (C, C#, Python) and more.


Smart Camera connectivity options scheme

Siemens S7
SerialRS 232
Supply voltageM12 12-pin A-coded

PEKAT VISION Functionality

PEKAT VISION deep-learning software running on the VAX-50 Smart Camera offers a ready-to-use AI solution for visual inspection on the edge. You will find all the advantages of PEKAT VISION in one small, easily deployable device.

Its Anomaly Detection module can reliably identify random, unpredictable defects, requiring only defect free images with no annotation for training, making setting up visual inspection fast and simple. Its other modules require simple annotation of objects or defects using a mouse on a connected PC or laptop.


Deep-learning modules

Extensive Range of Accessories

We offer a wide range of fully compatible accessories including lenses and filters, lights, housing, mounting accessories, cables and PCIe adapters. Contact our sales team for a full list.

Smart Camera with PEKAT VISION
Starter Pack (power supply, cables, tube system, adapter)
Lenses & Filters
Cables & Adapters
Housing & Mounting

Inspection Setup Tutorial

Environmental Conditions

Storage Temperature-10 °C … + 70 °C
Operating TemperatureMounted on 45×90 mm aluminium profileNot mounted
Full power usage44° C27 °C
Typical power usage52 °C42 °C
Humidity10 % … 90 % non-condensing
Protection Classup to IP 67 (with mounted tube and cable)

Frequently Asked Questions

Are all PEKAT VISION modules included with the smart camera?

Yes, the camera is delivered with the full PEKAT VISION package, including Anomaly Detection, Detector & Classifier, Surface Detector, and OCR.

Where can I see compatible accessories?

You can find the full list of compatible accessories here.

Do I need to install PEKAT VISION on the camera?

No, PEKAT VISION is already installed on the camera and runs on camera start-up.

What kind of PEKAT VISION license do I receive with the smart camera?

The VAX-50 Smart Camera includes a special full lifetime PEKAT VISION license designed for the camera.

Can I use the PEKAT VISION license that comes with the camera on another hardware?

No, the license is limited to the supplied VAX-50 smart camera only. Nonetheless, you can purchase a conveniently priced developer license to train the module on an external PC/laptop. That is particularly advantages if you want to train modules on external PC/laptop in full resolution or shorten the training time.

Do I need a computer to use the camera?

All modules can run inference and training directly on the camera. However, you do need a computer to set up the inspection. You have two options:

  1. You use the PC/laptop to access the web interface of the PEKAT VISION software that runs on the camera. There are no particular requirements for the PC/laptop in this case. We recommend Google Chrome browser. Both, training and inference run directly on the camera. Based on the selected module there is a limit on the maximum resolution for on-camera training.
  2. You run the training on an external PC/laptop with NVIDIA GPU. Then you need to export the trained model to the camera. For full hardware requirements see our support page. PEKAT VISION development license is required for the PC/laptop.

Do I need internet connection to run the camera?

No, you don’t need an internet connection. For the training you need to connect the camera to a PC/laptop through a web interface using a network cable. The inference always runs on the camera, communicating inspection results through your selected method.

What is the maximum resolution of the camera?

The maximum resolution of its 2/3” sensor is 2448 x 2048 pixels. However, for on-camera training the maximum resolution is lower and depends on the selected module.

Do I have to pay a renewal fee for the software license on the camera?

Software license on the camera is lifetime and requires no renewal.

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