AI-based visual inspection has become a vital part of the vehicle manufacturing process. What once gave car manufacturers a competitive edge just a few years ago has now become an essential component of manufacturing. PEKAT VISION has been closely collaborating with leading manufacturers from the outset.

From pre-shipment inspections by automotive parts suppliers to pre-assembly inspections at assembly plants, preventing costly rework later in the manufacturing process, PEKAT VISION plays a crucial role. It extends to final inspections before vehicles are shipped to showrooms, helping to reduce waste, improve product quality, increase productivity, and meet stringent vehicle safety standards.

Virtually any car part requiring visual inspection, including defect detection, completeness checks, product sorting, OCR (Optical Character Recognition), or character verification, can be efficiently handled by PEKAT VISION.

Inspection of Body Panels

PEKAT VISION can detect cosmetic flaws such as dents, dings, wrinkles, varnish defects, and scratches on various body panels. Line patterns can be projected over the surface to make defects easier to identify, as shown in the image above. Using an area scan camera and the Surface Detector module, these defects are easily identified.

Powertrain and Chassis

PEKAT VISION enables visual inspection of powertrain and chassis components, including those critical for vehicle safety, such as brake discs. It efficiently detects cracks and other potentially hazardous defects that could lead to safety hazards, excessive heating of the brakes, increased noise levels, or increased wear and tear.

Inspection of Interior Parts

Car interior parts, including plastic linings, seat upholstery, and other small components, can be inspected for defects and assembly verification using multiple PEKAT VISION modules.

Other Miscellaneous Car Parts

Both cosmetic and functional defects in various other car components are easily detected with PEKAT VISION. For example, a small scratch and a faulty part on a car key are identified using the Detector module.

Pre-Assembly Inspection of Components

Inspecting components before assembly can reduce costly rework. Multiple PEKAT VISION modules are suitable for this task. The image above shows the result of the Surface Detector module.

Oil Filter Seal Inspection

The seal on oil filters is inspected with the Anomaly Detector module to identify possible defects or missing seals, preventing oil leakages in assembled vehicles. Only defect-free images are necessary for training the module.


Deep-learning OCR (Optical Character Recognition) and OCV (Optical Character Verification) modules read stamped part numbers, serial numbers, manufacturer identification numbers, and batch information. These modules are used for parts tracking and assembly verification.

Pre-Assembly Verification

During the car door unit assembly, component presence is verified using the PEKAT VISION Detector module. The module is trained on images where components are present (OK) as well as images where components are missing (NOK).

Final Assembly Verification

3D inspection in the automotive industry

The final stage assembly verification ensures that all components, such as mirrors, lights, door handles, and emblems, are properly assembled. 3D scanners can be used with PEKAT VISION for this purpose.

Spare Parts Completness Inspection

The presence or absence of components is crucial not only for component manufacturers. PEKAT VISION helps ensure that packaging or any vehicle part contains all its components.

Fuse Box Inspection with 3D Scanner

Fuse box inspection by PEKAT VISION

PEKAT VISION ensures each fuse is correctly placed and fully inserted into its slot using OCR and Classifier modules. Read more in our blog post.


Ease of Use & Compatibility
PEKAT VISION offers an intuitive and user friendly software environment. No programming knowledge is required as it already contains all the necessary modules for industrial visual inspection. It is compatible with many hardware brands, Windows® and Linux® operating systems and runs on embedded devices.
Fast Integration
Predefined output rules significantly speed up the integration process. Furthermore, we work closely with a number of partners throughout the globe that can help you with hardware selection based on your specific business requirements, and with smooth integration within your company-wide system.
Comprehensive Support
In order to find the best possible solution, we always strive to understand our customers’ specific needs first. Our goal is to make sure that our solution works for the customer. We offer a free feasibility study, free 30-day trial, support during and after the trial and implementation, and a comprehensive training.

And more! Ask for a free feasibility study for your specific case. Our software is highly versatile and can be customized to suit nearly any intended application.

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