Datasensing, a specialist in sensors, safety, and machine vision & PEKAT VISION, a pioneer in cutting-edge deep-learning software for industrial visual inspection, are proud to announce the release of its innovative MX-G2000 Vision Processor, a powerful industrial PC designed specifically to elevate quality control across manufacturing and logistics.

Bringing Rule-Based and Deep-Learning Methods Together

The MX-G2000 Vision Processor seamlessly integrates rule-based and deep-learning methods in a single, all-in-one device, enabling fully automated execution of quality control processes, promising increased efficiency and precision in industrial environments.

At the heart of the Vision Processor lies its powerful, deep-learning based software, tailored for ease of use, offering unparalleled industrial defect detection and quality assurance. Its set of self-learning tools easily identifies random, unpredictable defects, inspects surfaces, detects and classifies objects or defects, or reads and verifies text form diverse materials.

The Vision Processor’s rule-based software expands its capabilities even further, providing dozens of image pre-processing tools, tools for color analysis, object location, or precise measurement, and 1D/2D code reading, among other.

By combining both approaches, Datasensing brings an all-in-one device that is addressing the diverse needs of industrial quality assurance automation.

Engineered for Industrial Environments

Crafted specifically for the demands of industrial settings, the rugged Vision Processor boasts the NVIDIA® RTX™ A4000 graphic processor, 12th generation INTEL® i5 processor, substantial RAM, and ample hard drive space.

The MX-G2000 supports up to four independent PoE cameras simultaneously and does not require access to the internet for its operations. Training of the deep-learning models, inference, and data evaluation run directly on the Vision Processor.

To cater to a wide range of applications, the Vision Processor features numerous I/O ports, including 2x LAN, 6x USB, 16 digital I/O, and RS-232. This versatility ensures seamless integration into diverse industrial setups, delivering unparalleled performance even for the most demanding industrial applications.

Complementing Datalogic Group’s offerings for Advanced Industrial Automation

The MX-G2000 perfectly complements the group’s existing offerings and aligns with the evolving needs of its global customers. The release of the Vision Processor marks a significant leap forward in fully automating and enhancing quality assurance in manufacturing and logistics.

For more information about the MX-G2000 Vision Processor and its features, visit Datasensing or PEKAT VISION product pages or contact our sales team.

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