Autumn Trade Fairs and PEKAT VISION Modules

So far we have managed four exhibitions on two continents this fall. From October 4 to 6 took place probably the largest machine vision trade fair in Europe, appropriately named VISION. It was held in Stuttgart and PEKAT VISION, together with its sister company Datasensing, was an important part of VISION. We had built several product demos to showcase the power of our software and the synergy of Datasensing’s Impact and PEKAT VISION.

If you already are familiar with PEKAT VISION software, you are aware of its different modules. They can be combined or used separately and deployed according to the specific needs of the user. We built our product demos based on this idea. In each of our next four blog posts we will summarize one of PEKAT VISION’s main modules and provide some examples of its use. For practical purpose, we will list the hardware that we selected for each product demo.

Surface Detection Module

PEKAT VISION is frequently used for inspecting the surface of a variety of materials, looking for cosmetic or functional defects. Depending on circumstances, two modules can be used for surface inspection. The unsupervised Anomaly detection module, only trained on “OK” images without defects, and the supervised Surface Detection module that requires “NOK” annotated images – images where defects are identified and labeled.

For this demo we chose to demonstrate the Surface Detection module on a volume control knob from a car component manufacturer. It was a part of the latest feasibility study we ran and offered one example of how PEKAT VISION is used in the automotive industry.

In any industry, the Surface Detection module can be used for detecting scratchescrackstears in packaging material or shrink wrapsmissing partsburrs on oil seals, or just any kind of surface defect or contamination. One example we do not mention often and for which the Surface Detection module is also well suited is cleanliness inspection. Inspecting the cleanliness of crates in the catering industry is one of the latest examples where PEKAT VISION also found its application and perhaps worth mentioning.

All hardware is available as the PEKAT VISION Deployment Kit and is supplied by our partner Arrow.

In our next post we will look at PEKAT VISION deep-learning OCR module. If you wonder whether PEKAT VISION and its modules would solve your specific needs, request a free demo or contact us regarding a free feasibility study. We will be happy to assist you.

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