After an involuntary break caused by COVID-19 we attended a Stuttgart Vision conference at the beginning of the month.

When preparing for the conference we considered it very important to show how PEKAT VISION software works in practice. That is why we prepared live demos to demonstrate our modules. We will describe the demos only partially here, as we will write more about each one in the specific use-case article

PEKAT VISION OCR with Photoneo 3D scanner

In this demo we showed how our OCR module reads text on tires.

Instead of a regular camera we used a Photoneo 3D scanner to acquire images. The tire could have been rotated and our software was still able to read the letters.

Surface Detection

This demo showed defective pill blister packs. As the rotating stand moved, PEKAT VISION evaluated the concrete blister pack and showed whether it is defect-free or defective.

We were also using PLC and a signal tower. Thanks to the PLC, the signal tower was showing red or green light based on the evaluation coming from PEKAT VISION software concerning whether the current pack was defect-free or defective.

Anomaly Detection

As an example of the function of our Anomaly of Surface module we demonstrated detection of defects on textile. We used a fabric with a pattern to show that our module can be trained not to see the pattern on the fabric itself as a flaw and focus on different kinds of defects.


This was our “welcome demo”. We used an ADLINK Smart Camera to show that PEKAT VISION can work on embedded devices. We trained the software to count the number of the specific types of chocolates on the table. PEKAT VISION then showed how many chocolates of a particular type were there and whether the number was correct or incorrect.

It was very nice to be part of the conference and see everyone in person. We are already looking forward to next year.

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