We perform feasibility studies for our customers on daily basis. We use them to demonstrate the capabilities of the PEKAT VISION software. On two examples of such studies we want to show you where and how exactly can PEKAT VISION’s focused learning algorithm be applied.

This time we aimed at the food industry. Namely, we chose puffed rice bread and biscuits to show you two possible approaches to quality control and defect detection using PEKAT VISION software.

The first example shows a very similar task on the control of biscuits using the Surface module.


Working with the Detector module in our user interface is very intuitive. When using this module, we literally trace the relevant characteristics (typically defects, but also others) that we want to detect. The characteristics of the examined objects can be divided into a number of classification classes.

After the annotation, it is necessary to train the algorithm to detect the relevant characteristic.

The result might look like this:

(The picture shows the result of detection when using one classification class – “Defect”; “Vada” in czech.)

The second example shows the use of the Detector module to check the integrity of puffed rice bread:

The goal is to mark objects and divide them into classes. In the described case, we divided the puffed rice breads into two classes – good (OK) and bad (BAD). However, an unlimited number of classification classes can be defined, just like when using the Surface module

After classification, it is necessary to teach the algorithm to detect the relevant characteristic of the class in multiple images showing the same type of characteristic (typically a defect, but also others like colour).

The result of the detection can then look like this:

(The picture shows the result of detection using two classification classes – “OK” and “BAD”.)

The examples show that multiple approaches can be chosen for similar tasks. To assure that the users of the PEKAT VISION software do not have to waste their time with searching for the right solution, we offer the possibility of conducting a Feasibility study on the submitted images, which you send to us directly (you can use directly this link or to our partners and international distributors (you can see the list of them on the bottom of this site: https://www.pekatvision.com/contact).

You can find more detailed explanations of functions and video tutorials on our website https://www.pekatvision.com/videos or on our youtube channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCvbx26TqHNgbIVAY-80XJ1A.

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