Daniel Zikmund

Datasensing & PEKAT VISION Unveil All-in-One Vision Processor for Industrial Automation

Datasensing & PEKAT VISION are proud to announce the release of its innovative Vision Processor, a powerful industrial PC designed specifically to elevate quality control across manufacturing and logistics.
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Ensuring Stress-Free Furniture Assembly: The Role of AI-based Packaging Inspection

Have you ever experienced the frustration of assembling furniture, only to discover crucial pieces are missing from the box? The result can be a time-consuming and annoying setback, requiring you to disassemble and head back to the store. Watch a brief demonstration of how our software aids in preventing these assembly hiccups.
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Fuse box inspection by PEKAT VISION

Enhancing Quality Control: How Deep-learning and 3D Imaging Technology Ensure Precision in Fuse Box Assembly

Learn how the latest advancements in Photoneo 3D scanning technology and PEKAT VISION deep-learning software has transformed the landscape of quality control in the automotive sector. A single overlooked detail, like an incorrect, or incorrectly seated fuse in a fuse box, can have far-reaching consequences. In our latest blog post we look at how these two companies tackle this challenge head-on.
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PEKAT VISION 3.14 Release

Introducing PEKAT VISION Version 3.14

We are thrilled to present PEKAT VISION 3.14, the latest version of our cutting-edge visual inspection software, setting a new standard for precision, speed, and accuracy, empowering operators of all technical background to effortlessly train and manage the visual inspection parameters.
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Vial Quality Inspection with PEKAT VISION

Enhancing Vial Quality Control with PEKAT VISION

The advancements in deep learning and computer vision have paved the way for automated inspection in pharmaceutical manufacturing. Inspecting the liquid level of vials is one example of its use. This brief article explores the potential of PEKAT VISION in enhancing vial quality control and highlights the benefits it brings to the pharmaceutical manufacturing process.
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Vial Quality Inspection using AI

Product Sorting, Defect Detection and Completeness Verification

Object Detector and Classifier are two more modules that we would like to briefly describe and provide an example of their use in our blog series. To simulate a real-life scenario, we used different products, a small conveyor belt, and a PLC connected to a signaling beacon. The items, while moving on the conveyor belt, were sorted into the correct product class and inspected for any defect or missing parts. We’re inviting you to look behind the scene at how everything was done.
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A Brief Look at Autumn Trade Fairs. Part II: OCR Module

In our next installment of blog series, we will take a look at PEKAT VISION's OCR module used with PhoXi 3D scanner from Photoneo. Using the scanner, we read the embossed characters, including the manufacturer's identification number and DOT number, on the sidewall of a scooter tire.
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A Brief Look at Autumn Trade Fairs. Part I: Surface Detection Module

We are introducing a new series of blog posts covering the main modules of PEKAT VISION as they were presented during the autumn trade fairs. In the first part of the series, we will look at the Surface Detection module, used for detecting scratches, cracks, tears in packaging material or shrink wraps, missing parts, burrs on oil seals, or just any kind of surface defect or contamination.
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Completeness Inspection in the Pharmaceutical Industry

Searching for defects, either defined, or previously unseen is not the only use of our software. PEKAT VISION can be applied for vision-based robot guidance, product sorting, or completeness check. In this brief article we will look at completeness inspection for the pharma industry.
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Artificial intelligence for plastic inspection – easier than you think!

Camera-based inspection systems with artificial intelligence enable product quality control at a level that previously could only be performed by humans. This article explains how and why to use AI in your production and how PEKAT VISION can help you.
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