Have you ever eagerly started assembling a newly purchased piece of furniture, only to realize that essential components are missing from the packaging? The frustration of encountering this setback is something many of us can relate to. It’s not just an inconvenience; it’s a disruption that can quickly turn a straightforward assembly task into a time-consuming ordeal.

The Goal of Packaging Inspection

We recognize the significance of a smooth and stress-free furniture assembly experience. Our video Packaging Inspection offers a glimpse into how PEKAT VISION revolutionizes this common predicament.

We showcase a live demonstration where an operator places individual parts of an arm chair into its packaging before the packaging would be sealed and sent to a warehouse. PEKAT VISION inspects each piece placed into the cardboard box, assessing whether it is the correct part, placed in the right order, correctly positioned and oriented. If a part does not meet all the criteria, it is flagged as ‘NOK’ – not OK. The operator replaces it with the correct piece or adjusts its position or orientation.

Each piece placed into the cardboard box is assessed by PEKAT VISION

The goal is simple – to ensure that every package leaving the factory contains all the necessary components for a seamless assembly. Furthermore, this thorough evaluation also ensures that all parts are optimally placed in the packaging to prevent damage during transit.

Beyond Packaging Inspection

While furniture packaging serves here as a prime example, our software’s capabilities extend far beyond. It can be applied to inspect the packaging of virtually any product. Whether it is furniture, electronics, food & beverages, or pharmaceutics, it ensures the package is complete. Furthermore, PEKAT VISION offers comprehensive defect detection in manufacturing processes, offering a holistic solution for industries committed to delivering flawless products.

Imagine a customer unboxing your product, confident that not only are all components present, but they’re also in perfect condition. No unexpected setbacks, no returns to the store, just a smooth assembly process.

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